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Send AI automated DMs on Reddit.

A Reddit Marketing tool that automates your process of generating, engaging and connecting with leads.

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Lead Generation

Generate leads by searching keywords

Keywords to leads in just a few clicks. Our powerful algorithm tracks and bring leads that our active, engaging and relevant to you.

Save time in research

You get all the relevant subreddits with a single search, saving you hours & hours of time on finding the right subreddits.

100s of leads in minutes

Our tool helps you generate relevant and active leads and get you started with conversations right away.

Manage leads in our CRM

You don't need to export the generated leads, our CRM features let you manage and work with leads right in the tool.

Automated Messaging

Send AI crafted messages to leads

Your process of outreaching and connecting with leads goes to autopilot with our AI generated and managed conversations.

Save Time in Outreach

You send AI generated hyper-personalized automated messages instead of writing personalized messages and sending them one-by-one.

More Than 40% Response Rate

Your leads are engaging, active and relevant. So when you reach them with the right message, you get more than 40% of responses.

Prevent Ban With Our AI guard

Our AI makes sure you don't send or spam with your Reddit account and prevent any violations that can ban or suspend your account.

Modern Inbox

Chats with your leads centralized in one place

You free yourself with the boring, non-intuitive and confusing UI of Reddit. Our modern inbox brings all you conversations in one place.

Never Lose Any Conversation

You will never need worry about your messages getting lost in Reddit's private messaging threads.

Easy-to-use Intuitive UI

You get the best chatting experience with a modern, intuitive and feature-full UI. It let's you focus more on conversations.

You Get Both Chats & DMs

You never switch between Reddit's private DMs and Chats. You find both of them in the same place.


You can always rely on Promotee to make your sales target easier and your business touching peaks.





5 campaigns/month

100 leads/month

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30 campaigns/month

20 dms/day

3000 leads/month

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unlimited campaigns/month

unlimited dms/day

unlimited leads/month

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Use Cases

Business Ideas

Reddit can be a useful tool for entrepreneurs and small business owners to gain valuable feedback and validation for their ideas.

Find Early Adopters

Entrepreneurs can connect with a diverse and engaged user base that is open to trying new things and interested in specific topics.

Agency/Freelance Clients

Agencies and Freelancers can connect with potential clients all over the globe and 10x their business with everything on auto-pilot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to connect my own Reddit Account?

Yes, promotee requires you to connect your account in order to use Reddit related features. With you being able to connect your own Reddit Account, you get full control over your marketing, independent of promotee. This implies that even if you stop using promotee, you can still continue the marketing with your account without starting from zero.

Does promotee have auto-dms?

Yes, promotee has automated messaging that helps you send a template message to all of your generated leads automatically.

Will my account get banned/suspended?

No, Promotee's algorithm makes sure that you don't send too many dms by calculating the 'safe' amount for your particular account. This reduces the chances of your account getting banned to almost ZERO.

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A Reddit marketing tool that helps you generate quality leads and optimize your Reddit marketing efforts.

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